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    Posted By Admin on 01/03/19 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean

    No one does anal quite like Aletta Ocean does anal, but that doesn’t mean that other girls can’t be awesome at it too. There is no way I could ever commit to only watching one pornstar, and I am so thankful that there are so many sexy babes willing to spread their ass cheeks on film. When you choose to save 51% off with a True Anal discount, you will have an abundance of booty to get off to.

    Layla Love is the girl pictured in this blog post and she is just one of the butt bouncing beauties that you will find in the site. She is a 19-year old from Minneapolis that takes it in the back door like a champ. Members will get to see her gaping.

    True Anal offers regular updates, 100% exclusive content, full HD videos, unlimited downloads, and every single scene involves a deep anal pounding.

    Other babes being stretched there are Anya Olsen, Riley Nixon, Maya Bijou, Joanna Angel, Kagney Lin Karter, and many more.

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    Posted By Admin on 06/02/18 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean

    Of course we all want to see smoking hot girls and their tight asses being punished hard and deep. It is for that very reason that these Aletta Ocean anal scenes are going to blow your mind, and quite possibly blow a few other things, if you can’t hang on until the real action starts that is.

    Aletta is quite possibly one of the finest looking babes that I’ve ever seen. Her body is like a temple and it’s one that I’d worship all day and all night long. When you get more from New Sensations what you’re actually getting is all the action that your cock could ever need. These guys have all the hottest niches covered and they’ve also got the willing pornstars that make those extra special scenes happen in perfect style. If you like pure quality the only thing stopping you from getting more is yourself!

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    Posted By Admin on 10/27/17 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean

    Some of the ladies here are on the thicker side, there’s definitely some BBWs here. Whether they’re chubby or thinner, you might be surprised by the beautiful big racks they’re packing like our girl Aletta. Having been around for 25 years or so, this porn group prides themselves on big, natural boobs, though they’ve let some salacious babes in with boob-jobs in more recent years, so long as those boobs are as natural-looking as can be. I can definitely say that I’m in no way disappointed with all they have to offer.

    Here’s where you can get your 89% off discount to Porn Megaload. They have one of the biggest archives around so you’re getting access to thousands of girls and thousands of videos, and new ones are still coming in on a daily basis. You like teens with big tits? Check. Amateurs? MILFs? Big asses? Check, check, and check. Have a look and grab your deal!



    Posted By Admin on 01/09/17 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean


    I think from memory the first anal sex video I seen had Aletta Ocean in it. It’s actually what got me hot for anal sex in the first place. I think anyone who doesn’t get turned on from watching an experienced and very busty pornstar being fucked in the ass is totally fucking crazy. Seeing these cute looking girls offering up their asses for the camera always gets me so fucking turned on, it does it as much for me as these offers here to save over 76% off with these Anal Porn Discounts!

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    Posted By Admin on 06/04/16 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean


    I find many things awesome in life but nothing really comes close to watching a sweet girl getting her ass stuffed with cock. I’m a self confessed anal sex lover so I guess I’m always going to find ass action like that a huge turn on. I’m actually surprised that more guys are not looking for ways to save over 76% off with Anal Porn Discounts, you can save some decent cash just by taking a few minutes of your time and finding some porn deals.

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    Posted By admin on 10/14/14 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean

    anal nympho Aletta Ocean

    Aletta Ocean is a busty brunette porn star from Hungary. She moved to the United States after starting her career doing Eastern European porn movies. Since then she has worked with some of the largest porn houses in the world including Private, New Sensations, Evil Angel, Jules Jordan Video and many more.

    Finding good sex scenes you can watch of this hot porn star is pretty easy. The true difficulty comes into play when looking for full scenes that are encoded in HD quality video. Watch full length Aletta Ocean tube videos at AlettaOcean.co, the only place with them on the internet!

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    The tube carries videos from many different sources and they play right inside your browser so that you don’t have to download them or install any special codecs. Bookmark and tell a friend!

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    Posted By admin on 08/29/14 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean

    Eva from PassionEscort.at

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    Experience the art of seduction with a Passion Escort tonight!

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    Posted By admin on 08/18/13 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean
    Unwrap this present to yourself! She needs some dirty sex!

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    I used to have a boss that would tell me that he could do twice as much work as me in half the time. I guess it was his way of telling me I was the low man on the totem pole. Aletta Ocean is one of those women in porn that actually can work twice as fast and in half the time as you can see in this Aletta Ocean dp video.

    Aletta is very well known for having a sweet set of fake tits and an ass that works like a cock magnet. She is always seen riding some big fat pole cock in just about every video she is in.

    With XNXX you are sure to get each and every video you want to watch with each and everyone of your favorite porn stars. You can stream live porn videos without any kind of restrictions. The site is completely free. By joining you can keep track of your favorites, but you don’t have to join just to watch porn.

    There are over 10,000 videos in the database. Each video is tagged so you can easily find it by navigating the porn star pages or the categories. You can also search for the videos you prefer with ease. This site is so large you won’t want to go anywhere else.

    Posted By admin on 05/24/13 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean

    Aletta Ocean double penetration gallery

    It is mid-May and I am gearing up for some river trips. One of my favorite things to do is skewer a pig and put it on the pit. Of course another favorite would be skewering a river chick between me and a wingman and filling her full of jizz.

    Thanks to Aletta Ocean and the people at PornTips.com for this free gallery to get us in the proper mood to party.

    Read their Aletta Ocean review to see how you can try out this Hungarian honey for less than a dollar for a day. Porn Tips gives you the inside scoop on high quality porn sites. Get the gallery/video count, the picture/video resolutions, video formats, free sites that come with your membership to the network and more.

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    Posted By admin on 04/04/13 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean

    dirty ass to mouth

    When a girl wants to be labeled a slut there is one sure fire way she can let it be known. That is to go ass to mouth. If she is really serious she can go ass to mouth after his cock has been in another girls dirty corn hole!

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    Watch your favorite porn stars for free on a huge tube video site without having to join anything. You can watch as many videos as you like for free. I didn’t even login and I am on video number sixteen. These are long movies that are uncensored. Not some stupid puny clips.

    Porno movies galore!

    Posted By admin on 12/09/12 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean


    Any porn surfer out there enjoys watching Aletta Ocean porn videos. Sometimes it is nice to ditch the porn stars and go with a more amateur flare. For days when you want to watch the people next door having sex without going to jail for peeping there is the home porn tube called GFLot. They update several times a week and each update features new clips you can watch for free!

    This homemade anal sex video was created by a couple in a hotel room. Thank God for girls like Paris Hilton who have broken the ice for future generations of girls to post their amateur porn online. Without her we would still be in the ice ages of homemade porn.

    GFLot.com has several different categories and criteria to break down the large archive of movies. You can even sort by length to find some videos as long as that One Night In Paris!

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    Posted By admin on 07/19/12 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean


    To say that Aletta Ocean is insatiable is an understatement. This sexy slut of a porn star doesn’t do anything in a small way. Take her hardcore porn videos for instance.

    Most girls would feel just fine banging one guy or even letting one fuck her anally. Not Aletta Ocean. No… She has to have one up her ass and the other inside her cunt to feel full enough to orgasm!

    I wouldn’t mind sharing this big tits porn star with another guy. Shit, she is so fucking horny I bet we could get another friend to pump her mouth while she jerks two more off with her hands! And we haven’t even mentioned her feet yet!

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    Posted By admin on 10/14/11 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean

    It’s as though for a split second Aletta Ocean took on the personality of Christopher Walken character on Saturday Night Live and stated, "I’ve gotta fever! And the only prescription, is more ass fucking!"

    I say this because I have never seen a porn star take it as hard up the ass of Aletta Ocean and I have to say… She genuinely seems to enjoy getting ass raped by two huge cocks!

    Watch All of Her Pipe Cleaning Videos at AlettaOcean.com!

    Posted By admin on 07/14/11 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean

    For years Aletta Ocean has been compared to a firecracker. She is a freak of nature. This brunette porn star enjoys learning new tricks and perfecting old ones. She can deepthroat like a jackhammer, she prefers anal sex to the same ole’, same ole’… Yeah, a truly freaky bitch!

    In the video above she shows off many of her talents and these guys light this firecracker up! You’ve undoubtedly heard of lighting a candle at both ends before… Well, these guys do the same with Aletta Ocean and things get piping hot!